Wedding Day Touch Ups

Smart and Chic Makeup Artists are trained to use the highest quality products and special techniques to ensure that your makeup stays on beyond the dinner, dance and late night pizza run. But what happens when the weather is humid? Or when the constant kissing with your new hubs leaves you with colorless lips? We have you covered with Smart and Chic touch up products ranging from a long wear lip color to blotting papers.  Purchase the kit at your trial run or we will mail you one (free shipping).


Beauty Tip of the Day: Lash & Brow Tint

Having your lashes & brows tinted is a great way to ensure that your eyes look gorgeous all the time!  No need to worry about mascara-smeared, "raccoon eyes" on a humid day, or getting out of the pool - just have them tinted!  Lash tints take about 20 minutes and can last up to 6 weeks.

lash tint application

Lash & brow tint is a vegetable derived dye, so it is very gentle. You can have them tinted to any color you wish - Most people have "2-toned" lashes naturally (lighter on tips or at the base)  Brow & lash tint is an easy way to even out the color, and add carefree glamour.

Beautifully shaped brows and dark lashes

Brow & lash tints are perfect before a wedding or honeymoon.  Your eyes will look stunning - even after taking a snorkel mask off!  Brow & lash tinting is available at the Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge in NE Minneapolis.


For the Moms, Grandmas, etc... with love

As a Professional (onsite) Hair & Makeup Artist, I have to be ready for everyone & anything!  The most challenging part of my job is making sure that all parties are "speakin' the same language" - This means:  When you say, "natural makeup " I know what your version of "natural" is.  A photograph is worth a thousand words, and we encourage all of our guests to bring them to appointments.

It can be a challenge for some woman to find pictures that represent their style well.  Our media is SATURATED with 18-25 year olds, which can leave the 50 year + community with slim pickings.  A great way to find an "inspiration picture" for your big event is to channel your own style icon.  Your icon doesn't have to be a Hollywood movie star - It should be someone who's image is admirable, someone who's age is relative to yours, and who's "beauty details" are something you'd like to replicate .

Here are a few of my favorites:  

Paula Deen:  Paula's hair & makeup are always flawless - She switches between heavy eyeliner (top & bottom) or heavier on top -  Either way, her eyes are brightened & become the focus of the look.  Which look do you like better?

Helen Mirren:  Her stylish bob is never "over done."  There is a tendency to "grandma-fy" bobs when a photograph isn't shown to the hairstylist first - To make sure this doesn't happen to you,  take a picture of Helen to your next styling appointment and come out looking polished, not 20 years older!

Barbara Walters:  Babbs wears her hair pushed back on the sides exposing her latest earrings.  *Note that she doesn't wear a definite part, instead, her hair is styled towards her face with volume * She tends to wear a light, yet smoked eye at the corners , with partial liner on the bottom. 

Raquel Welch: this bombshell is always glamorous!  Between her wigs and "bronzey" makeup, she is a fun style icon with numerous looks and a youthful glow.  Take a lead from Rachel and try bronzer instead of blush!


Hot Designer Featuring Jewelry & Hair Pieces: Emily Elizabeth

There are trends, and then there are classics.  Emily Elizabeth Jewelry is proving to be timeless!  Primarily working with plated brass, Emily's jewelry designs are a perfect addition to any wedding.    

Emily Elizabeth Jewelry has been featured in just about every major magazine on the planet! 

 Her designs have a unique feel to them.  While combing through her website, I was inspired to style Brides with her bobbles, but also found myself imagining flower-girls adorned with her golden wreathed headbands, and Bridesmaid gifts for every taste and price point.


Her website offers sales and an exclusive " One of a kind " page.  Every year we see copy-cat designers, Emily Elizabeth offers you something of your own.


La La Soiree's McKenzie Shares Her Beauty Tips & Talent

For those of you who dream of a creative, unique spin on a traditional wedding, La La Soiree has the Wedding Planner for you!  McKenzie is a party-planning fanatic!  She has an incredible knack for taking a good idea and spinning it into an "Oh my goodness, I wish I came up with that" idea.  
McKenzie's Inspiartion Shoot

McKenzie is wonderfully talented and crafty, and she is also on trend with the latest and greatest beauty tricks.  Looking over her latest "inspiration photo-shoot," I knew that  McKenzie was not only a woman to call on for event planning, but also someone who could style a Bride, or a model for a gorgeous look!  I wanted to get McKenzie's take on her favorite beauty products, here's the scoop:

Kira:  What look, or who is inspiring you right now?

McKenzie:   Leighton Meester (as herself and Blair Waldorf) - Gossip Girl is my "Cheetos on TV" - pure fluff with no nutritional value. Leighton Meester carries herself with class on and off the show, and always has that sweet yet smart look too her, plus her handbags, shoes and hair are to die for!

Leighton Meester

Kira:  No matter what, you always have this in your makeup bag:

McKenzie:   MAC lipgloss. I have at least 20 tubes, almost all of them in the same color - they're in my makeup bags, my car, my desk, coffee table, bedside table, suitcase, everywhere. I love the color of Little Vi, I love the texture, consistency, the fact that it doesn't have much scent. The way it matches my skin tone. It's the best!

Kira:  What is your fave new beauty product?

McKenzie:   My favorite new beauty product... I borrowed some Love and Toast lotion from a friend and I am a convert! I am in absolute adoration of Honey Coconut hand cream and eau de perfume. It's my new signature scent!

Kira:  What is an essential part of your beauty routine?

McKenzie:  The most essential part of my beauty routine is a toner/moisturizer double punch. After being introduced to Lush toner, I am a forever fan!

Kira:  Let's hear more about your event planning - Where or what was the most exciting event you've "worked," and what made it  so  awesome?

McKenzie:  To date, the most exciting event I've worked has been a wedding at Gale Woods - the community of family of friends coming together to set up, the pure joy on the faces of the bride and groom, and the World's Greatest Polka Band playing = incredible.

Gale Woods photo:Laura Ivanova, hair& makeup Kira McCarty
McKenzie:   My favorite part about being in the wedding industry is helping brides and grooms create a day that really is a reflection of them - typically through custom details like decor and paper goods, and helping them find vendors that they love, leaving the couple to enjoy their big day completely.

To book McKenzie, call 952-491-0391, or email her through: http://lalasoiree.com/contact.html

Enjoy! XoXo,
Kira McCarty


The Classic: Half Up Style

I have to admit that the anticipation of what hair style Kate Middleton would choose was killing me!  From the moment I heard she had a team of 4 hair dressers preparing her, I was on the edge of my seat.  In the end, Kate chose the classic & beautiful "half up/half down" style.

 Kate is known for wearing her long hair down , she noted that for her wedding day "She wanted to feel like herself"  - I think this look is a perfect way to balance the glamor of the occasion, while staying true to her trademark "look."

 I love the volume through the top!  A perfect compliment to the 1936 Queen's "Halo" tiara from Cartier.  * Kate's hair was given volume in the crown and sides, pinned back at the ears, and loosely curled. * This style shows off the beautiful v-neck of her dress and elegant earrings.  It has been, and will continue to be a favorite style in Bridal fashion.

Here is a similar look on Kate's sister, Pippa:

Note that Pippa doesn't have as much volume, and her style differs by showcases more curl.

Note the beautiful profile the volumized back-crown gives!

Here is a wonderful post from the NY Daily news regarding the "Top 5 Wedding Trends"  http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rulesofengagement/2011/05/top-5-trends-to-steal-from-the-royal-wedding


Exotic Beauty

The cold, gray Winter has robbed most of us of our color, but fear not, here are some great products to fake out the weather!

Bobbi Brown in Bali Brown

Bronzer is a must have for every makeup kit - It not only gives your skin tone "warmth," it is also essential for contouring your face!

The Bronzed & The Beautiful Set by Too Faced Cosmetics

MUA Tricks:

To make cheek bones appear more prominent:  Sweep bronzer in the "hollow" of the cheek (just under the bone)  on into the hair line.

note how the cheek bones are further defined through the use of a darker tone under the bone

To slim the face:  Apply bronzer under cheek bones, and around entire hairline and under jaw line.

slimming technique: note darker/tanner areas along hairline and jaw

Where ever depth ( the bronzer ) is in contrast with your natural color, a reduction will appear.  This means the highlighted / natural color will "come forward" where the tanned areas will recede/ appear farther away - creating a slimming effect!

Primed & Poreless by Too Faced Cosemtics

If you are craving color, without the ill effects of sun over-exposure, try Primed and Poreless Bronzed Tint from Too Faced Cosmetics - This pore minimizer with SPF 20 will leave your skin protected, and flawless!

Professional's note:
Avoid a face Bronzer with alot of "shimmer" - They can leave the skin looking "dirty" or "oily" especially when contouring or when used prior to flash photography.