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The cold, gray Winter has robbed most of us of our color, but fear not, here are some great products to fake out the weather!

Bobbi Brown in Bali Brown

Bronzer is a must have for every makeup kit - It not only gives your skin tone "warmth," it is also essential for contouring your face!

The Bronzed & The Beautiful Set by Too Faced Cosmetics

MUA Tricks:

To make cheek bones appear more prominent:  Sweep bronzer in the "hollow" of the cheek (just under the bone)  on into the hair line.

note how the cheek bones are further defined through the use of a darker tone under the bone

To slim the face:  Apply bronzer under cheek bones, and around entire hairline and under jaw line.

slimming technique: note darker/tanner areas along hairline and jaw

Where ever depth ( the bronzer ) is in contrast with your natural color, a reduction will appear.  This means the highlighted / natural color will "come forward" where the tanned areas will recede/ appear farther away - creating a slimming effect!

Primed & Poreless by Too Faced Cosemtics

If you are craving color, without the ill effects of sun over-exposure, try Primed and Poreless Bronzed Tint from Too Faced Cosmetics - This pore minimizer with SPF 20 will leave your skin protected, and flawless!

Professional's note:
Avoid a face Bronzer with alot of "shimmer" - They can leave the skin looking "dirty" or "oily" especially when contouring or when used prior to flash photography.