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As a Professional (onsite) Hair & Makeup Artist, I have to be ready for everyone & anything!  The most challenging part of my job is making sure that all parties are "speakin' the same language" - This means:  When you say, "natural makeup " I know what your version of "natural" is.  A photograph is worth a thousand words, and we encourage all of our guests to bring them to appointments.

It can be a challenge for some woman to find pictures that represent their style well.  Our media is SATURATED with 18-25 year olds, which can leave the 50 year + community with slim pickings.  A great way to find an "inspiration picture" for your big event is to channel your own style icon.  Your icon doesn't have to be a Hollywood movie star - It should be someone who's image is admirable, someone who's age is relative to yours, and who's "beauty details" are something you'd like to replicate .

Here are a few of my favorites:  

Paula Deen:  Paula's hair & makeup are always flawless - She switches between heavy eyeliner (top & bottom) or heavier on top -  Either way, her eyes are brightened & become the focus of the look.  Which look do you like better?

Helen Mirren:  Her stylish bob is never "over done."  There is a tendency to "grandma-fy" bobs when a photograph isn't shown to the hairstylist first - To make sure this doesn't happen to you,  take a picture of Helen to your next styling appointment and come out looking polished, not 20 years older!

Barbara Walters:  Babbs wears her hair pushed back on the sides exposing her latest earrings.  *Note that she doesn't wear a definite part, instead, her hair is styled towards her face with volume * She tends to wear a light, yet smoked eye at the corners , with partial liner on the bottom. 

Raquel Welch: this bombshell is always glamorous!  Between her wigs and "bronzey" makeup, she is a fun style icon with numerous looks and a youthful glow.  Take a lead from Rachel and try bronzer instead of blush!

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