Jeckyll & Hyde Hair? Clarify it!

Do you have a "Sunday Shampoo?" - You should! A Sunday Shampoo is a cute name for a "Clarifying Shampoo." Along with your favorite shampoo, a clarifying shampoo is essential for your beauty routine. These gentle, yet effective cleansers are typically used once a week (hence the "Sunday" reference) to remove build up or pollutants from your hair and scalp.

When To Clarify:
  • 1x a week for normal product use (twice a week if you consider yourself a product junkie)
  • After swimming in chlorinated water - Preferably while your hair is still wet with the pool water *Chlorine can "crystalize" when dry, which makes it very difficult to remove without a Professional's assistance.*
  • Before a chemical service - If your hair fades quickly after a hair color, try a clarifyer to remove mineral build up BEFORE your service (The build up may be blocking the color pigments from penetrating deep enough to last)
  • After a special event hair-do *The product cocktail that made your hair last the night, might last the month through without a clarifyer*
  • On vacation - If your hair has taken a vacation of it's own and you are now a slave to it, try a clarifyer - Unsoftened water can leave a heavy mineral residue on hair which often leaves it limp, brittle, and even oily feeling (see reason for faded color above)
  • Flakes, Dry Scalp, or Dandruff -These can be caused by product or mineral build up on the scalp
  • If you have "hard" water/no softener/older metal pipes *If you have moved into an apartment and notice that your blonde hair is looking "brassy" or your red is "ruddy," this may be the culprit.
  • If you have been exposed to air pollution (smog, smoking,etc) - These pollutants will soak into your hair like a sponge and can discolor it, as well as react poorly with future chemical services.
  • If you have oily skin - This is also the reason for oily hair.

Every professional product line carries a "Sunday Shampoo". Some lines will have 2 to choose from - for example, Paul Mitchell Systems carries "Shampoo 2" which is a gentle, yet effective for "normal" buildup &/or oily skin, and they also have "Shampoo 3" which is more effective on harder to remove minerals and chlorine.

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser - I LOVE the tangerine scent and the condition of my hair/skin after using this effective yet conditioning clarifyer.
Malibu Well Water Action Shampoo - Malibu shampoos, conditioners, and treatments have long been known for treating "build up issues" - From well water, to chlorine, to hair color challenges,Malibu has something for everyone!

Photos courtesy of:
phil S :zippy1300.blogspot.com
hair care pics from their official websites as linked above

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