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Do you love warm, sunny, beach days, but hate what your hair does with them? Living near the beach has taught me a few tricks - I have fine, wavy hair and alot of it! - My hair puffs up when I just think of humidity! Spring showers may not have reached your part of the country yet, but a tropical honeymoon may be in your mists, and I want you to look your best without being a slave to your hair!

I am a huge fan of shampooing every other, or every third day and using dry shampoos in between. A personal favorite of mine is Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry Shampoo - It gives me an awesome texture! This trick is two-fold: First off, it keeps my hair color looking shiny and fresh ( no worry about premature faded ends for me!) Second, because my hair is wavy, my hair actually behaves better when it isn't fresh from the shampoo bowl. The dry shampoos take care of any debris and excess oil while keeping my hair looking, and smelling clean.

Something that I have recently added to my " if ever stuck on deserted island list " is my conditioning ( hair) Beauty Elixir by Orofluido. I love this product! The high quality ingredients and exotic fragrance make my hair feel, smell and look absolutely lovely. I just apply 1-2 drops to my ends when they are (either) wet or dry, and enjoy tangle-free, non greasy, control.

Another fan favorite that is similar to Orofluido is Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil is a bit to heavy on my fine hair for daily use, but for those of you with medium to coarse hair or with a heavy coiled curl, - Who need alot of control, this may be just what the Stylist ordered!

The Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge in NE Minneapolis has all of these fabulous products plus many more to sample. Stop in and have a Smart and Chic Expert assist you with your beauty challenge, or help you pack for your next trip!

pictures courtesy of: frizzy hair victim: blog.beautyfix.com
other pictures are courtesy of their official sites linked on this page

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