The Classic & Modern: Chignon

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Few hair styles hold up through the ages as well as the Chignon ( pronounced: "shin-yawn " )  This French name refers to the " nape of the neck, " where the design is worn.  The classic Chignon  resembles a beautiful, smooth, low knot or bun. 

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 First made popular in Athens, Greece, women wore the style fastened with gold or ivory pins.  Today the Chignon is just as gorgeous and can be worn a variety of ways!

Try it with a braid:
courtesy of: hotbeautyhealth.com
Or loose, with tendrils around your face:
courtesy of: confessionsofaplasticsurgeonsdaughter.com
Try this uber-chic, modern take on a 1960's hairstyle:

courtesy of: thenewhairstyles.com

The Chignon is so versatile that it was a "must have" hair do in the 1940s - Woman would wrapped a scarf around their style before they left for
 work in the factories!  
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  From Classic to Modern - with a twist - a Chignon can work for everyone!
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