Whether it's wine stained or cherry red, I'm a fan. The wonderful news that red lips are leading the trends made me swoon! This luscious look is perfect for a classic and fashion-forward Bride.

The trick to red lips is to find the right shade. There are warm, neutral, and cool reds. Do you know what skin tone you are? - This is a perfect place to start! Ask a professional at a beauty counter to identify your perfect shade.

Tips to help find a red for you:

q: Do you have alot of blue and purple in your wardrobe? Do you tend to get flushed or pink in the cheeks, and have blue eyes?
tip: You probably have a cool skin tone and would look best with a wine or berry red.

q: Do you love the way you look in orange and yellow? Do you have a peachy or golden skin tone? Are your eyes brown, hazel, or green with golden flecks?
tip: You may have warm skin tones. You would look great in a tomato red, or coral red.

q: Do you have olive skin?
tip: Go with a neutral "red red."

See the pictures below to get an idea of the possibilities:

As a Makeup Artist who does alot of weddings, I have to make sure my Bride's lip color stays on her! I LOVE the Long Wear Lip Cremes from Smart and Chic Bride ( available online and at the Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge Minneapolis ) A favorite color in this line is, "Shangri la" - a lovely "soft" red creme with a hydrating gloss for added impact.

The new " long wear" Lip cremes, stains, and sticks are amazing. Most have a balm or gloss that will need to be applied after the initial application of color, and throughout the day. Another reason to favor them: You don't need to worry about your red lips "kissing off" on your Sweetheart!

If you are searching for a "straight up" great lip stick, 2 of my favorites are"

MAC - There pigments are rich, long lasting, and their color collection is incredible! Mac is known for being a Professional's favorite, and with a well trained Makeup Artist available for a free consultation everywhere it's sold, you can't go wrong!

Aveda - All organic and paraben free, these lip sticks are Delicious! I have 5 different Aveda reds in my personal makeup bag - they are very hydrating, which makes your lips look full and beautiful.

Classic tips:
* For longer lasting lipstick, fill in entire lip with a lipliner before lipstick application ( there are also modern lip primers available which will "grab" your color too) Note: Try not to rub lips together after application!

* Buy several lip liners in colors that are similar to your favorite lipstick tone ( This way you can bump up, or simmer down your lipstick's color ) Think day to night...

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