A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Our S&C Artists are noted as being some of the best in the business! With all of that experience, it's easy to think that we will know exactly the look you are going for - usually we do - but occasionally the subtle details can literally be lost in translation! I occasionally will joke that I am great at "hair sign language," meaning that with a wave of your hand, or a crinkle of your eyebrow, I know which direction to take your style without seeing a photograph of the desired look.

The mantra of " We won't leave til we get it right " is in every S&C Artist's head - Naturally, we are in this business to make people look, and feel wonderful! To make the task easily achievable, please bring pictures to all meetings with us - Whether it's your trial run, or your big day, a picture will guide us in the right direction. This rings true for everyone in the Wedding party - besides getting the "look" just right, it helps us stay on time. The stress of running late on the wedding day sends everyone over the edge: an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

A great way to keep every detail on task is to email pictures from your trial run to your designated Artist. It will provide you with peace of mind and it will prep the Artist - especially if you add a few notes of your own ( i.e. I'd like more volume, I love the curl by my ear, etc ) This is also a great way to save any details that were "shifted" from your inspiration pictures, so they won't be forgotten about on your Wedding Day.


1. Bring in a front & back view of the desired hair style/look ( they can be from different pictures/models )

2. Bring a picture of your version " bad wedding hair. "

3. A picture of yourself with a makeup look that you love/or feel comfortable with.

* Our goal is to make you feel pretty!*

Lastly, be creative. You never know where the hair style or makeup look " that will make your heart sing " will come from! Just last weekend, we had a Bridesmaid bring in Paris Hilton's mug shot - The Bridesmaid was right - her hair was great!

Enjoy! XoXo,
Kira Mccarty
Your S&C Artist

photo credits:
Melissa oholendt photography
paris hilton pic coutesy of:weblogs.variety.com

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