If it's Good for a Road Trip, it's Great for a Wedding!

There are so many wonderful vendors of Limos, Party Buses, Ice Cream Trucks, etc - but after hearing this next idea, I'm looking at these type of vehicles in a whole new way! This next great ( money saving ) idea came to me via a lovely Smart and Chic Bride ( Thanks Thyra! ) It was the day of her Bachelorette Party and we were " Snookying " up her hair for the " Jersey Shore " themed party. Rather than renting a " party bus " to carry this fun group around town, her parents were driving them in their RV!
This was " ah-ha " moment... Hmmm, if an RV is perfect for toting a Bachelor / Bachelorette party around, then it's also perfect for moving wedding parties to and fro ceremonies, receptions, hotels - I could go on & on! I love this cost effective and creative idea.

Bonus Tip: Decorate the RV for added fun & surprise!

Enjoy! XoXo,

Kira McCarty
Your S&C Artist

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  1. That would work great, unless you have 10+ people and can't fit. I used a school bus turned party bus company in the TC Area for a blanket charge of $125 an hour, so not bad at all compared to most around. http://funrunpartybuses.com/