Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

I have a fortunate pallet - I can eat it all with no worry of allergies or reactions. There are far to many people who aren't so lucky. From dairy, to fish and gluten allergies, I've seen many suffer at a night on the town because they had a limited menu. This can provide a challenge for many couples when planning their wedding menus. I hope to offer a helping hand to you in the form of cupcakes! I know it's not the "end all/cure all," but, it can help end your Reception on a great note.

Have you always dreamt of a Red Velvet Wedding Cake ( the same recipe as Grandma's, ) then had your dreams crushed when your Fiance announced that he has a gluten allergy?! I'm here to tell you that your dream is still alive! If you are open to a little "shift," you can have a gorgeous 3 tiered "Cupcake Cake" - You can have several flavors, and many shops are opting for vegan, sugar, and gluten-free specialties as well - this will serve all of your guests beautifully! This smart trend allows everyone to partake and indulge in sweetness!

Cupcakes are having such a huge "comeback" right now that while driving cross country last week, nostalgia got the best of my "health conscience" husband. We made a stop at "Gigi's Cupcakes" in Nashville, TN - If you want a great cupcake ( I'm not sure about the diet restriction side of it ) Gigi's has it all! Delicious flavors, great staff, VERY cute atmosphere - I'm thrilled to learn that it is a nation wide chain! Also, if you need an amazing success story to brighten / feed your soul, read Gigi's at : http://www.gigiscupcakesusa.com/gigisstory ( See her photo above )

Wedding & Flower Cupcake Pictures care of "The Sweet Retreat" in the Twin Cities, MN http://www.thesweetretreatmn.com/weddings.php

Enjoy! XoXo,

Kira McCarty
Your S&C Artist

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