L is for Lashes

Hi Everyone, today's topic is : Lashes! Are your lashes short, or sparse? I want to lay out some fun, easy options for you. Whether you have a photo shoot coming up, or just want to flirt with your eyes, there are so many great ways to enhance your eyes.

1. I'm sure you've all heard of the magnificent "lash growers" on the market - guess what? They work!! However, they are a bit of a commitment, so all of you commitment-fobes may want to read ahead to "temporary lashes" :) Most brands recommend a nightly sweep of the product at the lash line, and after about 6 - 8 weeks, you should see thicker, better conditioned, and LONGER lashes!
Now for the inside scoop: Some of the lash growers contain hormones and require a prescription. These also can have side effects like slight pigmentation to the eye, and irritation. Prescription lash growers are usually priced from $120 - $160. On the flip side, just about every cosmetic brand has a new lash grower on the shelves. These are moderately priced and do a great job at conditioning the lashes. They can range from $4 - $50.
Considering the source of the excitement (a prescription) I tried out "BioLash" - Hormone free, no prescription, professional, and $50 ( @ smartandchicbride.com ). I applied it to my lashes and my over-waxed brows ( a la 1996 ) and saw amazing results my first month! My first tube lasted me almost 4 months. My brows are filling in nicely, and I love the product. My only side effect: dry eyes in the morning - a little Visine and I'm out the door.

If you just need an instant fix, faux lashes are for you. You can find them everywhere, and in all lengths, and colors! Beware: they can be addictive. There are 3 basic types of faux lashes:, "clusters," "strips," and "individuals" which can also be "lash extensions."

2. Before I tried Biolash (Lash grower)I was addicted to "clusters" - the glue comes in clear or black in a glass vial - I prefer the black, it seems to hold better *The glue does wear down within a few days, but a vial of "glue remover" may be needed for faster results.* All I would need is 2 or 3 clusters at the end of my lash line to create a dreamy look. They are light weight and enhance rather than transform. The lashes can hold for several days!.

3. If you desire a dramatic look, then a strip may be for you. The "modern" strip lashes are virtually "band-free" - This is the base which we used to have to hide using a thick sweep of liner. The new strip lash glue also comes in clear or black - the clear starts out white. The glue is tacky for the first 20 minutes. I prefer the glue brad: Duo Adhesive * found at MAC, and a ton of drug stores :) it is easy on your lashes, easy to remove (eye makeup remover does the trick w/o harming your own lashes), and holds beautifully! Depending on your eye size, you should cut the strip to fit. A great ( & comfortable ) look is to do a "half eye" - cut the strip to fit the outer half of your eye. You will get the drama, without extra weightiness.

4. Lash Extensions = Amazing. This service takes individual lashes and glues them to your individual lashes for a seamless, natural look. They can last from 1 week to 1 month ( depending on your Lash Artist's glue choice & your home care ) You can even get a blend of colors (every other black/brown) - I have seen this done with a rainbow of colors (purple, pink, blue) it was gorgeous for a fun night out!

That about covers it - have fun, & try them all!

- Kira McCarty
A Hit with Makeup Artist

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