Benefits of an Airbrushed Foundation

To airbrush or not? I'm going to break it down for you! Airbrushed makeup has gained world wide attention with the introduction of HD T.V. It is used on virtually every news cast, movie set, and television show - it gives you the look of flawless skin without looking like you have anything on. The product has been used and perfected for over 75 years!

I love using an airbrushed foundation for Brides (in particular) for these key reasons:

1. It feels like you have nothing on - it is amazing for people who don't like the "feel of having makeup on." It is weightless, and lays "flat" to your skin, and does not wear off.

2. Most air brushed products are water resistant - great for a misty/rainy day, and for all of you who may shed a few tears on the big day - it won't streak your makeup!

3. Non-transferable - Will you be hugging people? Are you wearing a blusher veil? Air brushed makeup will not rub off on your loved one's clothes.

4. Tattoo / Scar cover up - Is the "grumpy Smurf" tattoo you got circa 1985 distracting from your elegant wedding gown? With a skilled hand, air brushed makeup can mask it better than ANY traditional foundation!

Airbrushed foundation is shear - I love it on freckled skin - instead of looking "muddy" or completely different from the rest of her body, it will just "soften" the freckles! If you are concerned about coverage: Don't be - we will conceal any imperfections (under eye circles, blemishes, etc.) Remember: we want your skin to look as perfect as possible!

Bride's always ask me what I recommend - and I usually prefer airbrushed foundation, but not on everyone! On a rare occasion, I will encounter skin that looks better with a traditional foundation - In my experience, it is usually skin with larger pores. This is not a problem - our goal is to give you "flawless skin" and our "traditional" foundations have come a long way from old-school pancake makeup! They are light weight, (not "cakey") and have a beautiful, soft finish!

My best recommendation to you is to schedule a trial run & try it out! Trial runs are a fun way to wear a "look" or type of makeup (airbrush, faux lashes,etc) Try to schedule it on a day where you can actually go out with your makeup - have your trial on a day that you have a party to go!

- Kira McCarty
A Hit with Makeup Artists.

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