Prime Time

Hi! People always want to know what the pros do to make makeup last all day - I'll share some secrets! Does your eye makeup go on a daily migration? Does your Foundation "vanish" 3 hours after applying it? Do your pores look larger, and skin more wrinkled after a liquid/cream foundation? Let's talk Primers.

I hear many woes about makeup not lasting, and I always ask if they are using a primer - some people say they have tried Primers, and they didn't work...Well, there are 2 basic types of Makeup Primers. One that evens out the texture of the skin and the other for making makeup stick all day/night. Perhaps a better understanding of the difference will help my little chickadees who are having challenges.

The first is usually a silicone (or similar texture) based cream/ointment. These primers are marvelous for someone who has fine lines, pock marks, and/or larger pores. The primer feels like silk when it is applied - it lays out a thin barrier above your imperfections so the makeup will not travel into the crevices. They are usually fortified with vitamins such as C (which actually helps "plump" up the underlying fat cells to smooth out the surface = less wrinkles!) Another benefit to creating this "barrier" is that it protects your skin from pollutants in the air (smoke, smog, free radicals) and from dirty brushes / older makeup (which can harbor bacteria.) Think of your skin as a windshield - although you don't see the dirt, at the end of the day, there is alot there! I love RetexurCreme Face Primer found at http://sacboutique.myshopify.com/ These Primers may not "hold your makeup tight" but they do give you a beautiful, smooth, & even surface to work with!

The second type of Primer is used to keep your makeup in place ALL DAY! The texture is similar to concealers or sometimes a gel. They are applied prior to your makeup application to create an amazing surface for your makeup to stick to. There are specific primers for the eye ( AMAZING for those of us who have oily eyelids!!) and for the face - these can also be found in skin - specific blends (dry / oily) - I get oily in my "T-zone" (forehead, nose, chin) so I use a primer for oily skin and it keeps my makeup in place and matte!

If you are on a budget and can only afford to test run 1 primer - go with the eye makeup primer - you will see incredible results - I recommend trying Bare Mineral's Prime Time Eye Primer (goes on creamy and can be used on all skin tones), and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion - (this one can be bought in a specific light or dark tone - which gives a beautiful background to your shadow - or in an "all skin tone" potion as well) * These can be found & tested at Sephora

Take my advice, and your makeup and skin will look beautiful from morning to night! - Remember, for an even skin texture, use a Primer that has a silicone/similar base (feels like silk). For your makeup to stay all day, use an eye makeup Primer, and a (face) makeup Primer (feels like a gel or concealer-like consistency) ** Not silky like the above mentioned). Good Luck!

Kira McCarty
A Hit with Makeup Artist

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