Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom...

What a weekend for the Mid West! Record cold and a Blizzard for our Minnesota Brides! I am so proud to say that all 5 Artists who were booked for weddings arrived safely to make our Brides look and feel beautiful! A few of the nuptials were a good 40 miles from the Twin Cities, and due to the Blizzard, many vendors and guests were not able to make it, but S&C was there!

The snow was so thick, and winds so strong that it tore holes in Minneapolis's Metro Dome. Snow Plows were taken off the roads for safety, and many vendors were stranded at the Weddings til the next day.

I too had a wedding to assist with some 42 miles from home. The storm was so wild by the time we finished that we thought we'd be spending the night! Now, the best part of my job is that I get to make someone's day - I make people feel pretty and that in turn, that makes my day. I was so happy to have been part of my Brides day - the chaos and cancellations would have gotten to the best of us. - I was glad I didn't add troubling thoughts to her big day. Besides, after 7 fun hours of watching the Weather Channel in the Hotel Restaurant, my awesome husband arrived in his 4x4 to " rescue " us. - We even made it to another wedding Sunday morning!

There you have it, like the old Postman's slogan: Neither snow, nor BLIZZARD, nor gloom, S&C will be there! * We even have a "back up crew"! *

Enjoy! XoXo,
Kira McCarty
Your S&C Artist

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