Where The Boys Are

I headed off to style a wedding party this morning in 23 degree weather. Gone are the days of the Groom and "his" men spending the day golfing, or fishing, or what ever they like to do while the women are being pampered - unless cross country skiing is on the agenda, I think we are moving into the season of pre-nuptual video games. Alas, I have found an incredible (indoor) enviornment, where the men can be men, and the boys, well.. they can act like men. I give you: Heimies Haberdashery!

Heimies has been a St. Paul, MN landmark for many, many, many (you get the point) years. they have cornered the market on having exceptional quality men's goods - from suits, to leather goods, to cigars, it is a Gentleman's retreat. Now here is the best part: Heimies has a "fitting party" for Grooms and the rest of the men in the wedding (your dad will be proud) The men can get a warm shave, a trim up, get fitted in their tux and have a cigar while the are at it.

The next time you want your man to feel pampered, consider this classic! It's also a wonderful place to pick up a gift for him too!

images courtesy of Heimies. Follow this link for more information: http://heimies.com/

Enjoy! XoXo,
Kira McCarty
Your S&C Artist

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