Hot New Photographer

S&C works with the best Photographers around - and we love to share our thoughts! Word on the street is the new Twin Cities favorite is: Collin Hughes. Colin has a fresh perspective that sets him apart from the pack. His style is natural, classic and candid - His goal is to give the Wedding Party something that will "come to life and transport them back to that day."

Collin believes that shooting your wedding is an honor - not just a business transaction. He is known for making it easy on the Bride & Groom by allowing them to enjoy the day to the fullest, all while documenting it as personally and elegantly as he can.

Collin's advice to Brides: "Make decisions that are true to you. Don't give in for someone else's request or recommendation just because you have to. It is your day, allow it to become what you imagine it will."

To book Collin, contact him through his website:

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