Eat Your Wheaties

Do yo have a personal Attendant, but don't know how to be attended to? This is for all of our "overly conscientious Brides" who name an Attendant, but don't name any jobs for her to do.

The Personal Attendant can and will alter the course of the Big Day in a positive way

- Personal Attendants are the " go-to " person ( any questions? Leave the Bride alone & ask the P.A. )

- They will provide you with an amazing "survival kit" - complete with snacks, sewing kit, mole skin, Shout wipes, Hollywood Beauty Tape - You name it, she's got ya covered.

- They make sure you have food & drink - be it a call for Jimmy John's delivery, Mimosa, or a cup of Starbucks, you will not be famished under her watch.

- She will babysit any one who needs a little extra care so you can focus on you!

- She will be your confidant - all love, she's the surrogate mommy so your real one can relax and enjoy the day.

Enjoy! xoxo,
Kira Mccarty
Your SCB Artist

image courtesy of: shewired.com

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