Mommy Dearest

Where would we be without our amazing mothers? She tucked us in, kissed us goodnight & let us cry on her shoulder. Now that you are getting married, she's with ya every step of the way here too! Gotta love it - or ... do you? I have found a ( some what controversial ) new trend of Brides leaving mama "out" the morning of the big day! To some of you, this may sound cruel and unusual, but to others - here's your golden ticket!

Just as many couples are deciding to do a "first look" - a special, private meeting before the wedding - many brides are opting to do this with their parents as well. Uh - hem, not because mom is driving you crazy, or your wedding could be fodder for the "Who's wedding is it, anyway? " t.v. show! The real reason, is that you just want to be a girl, and relax with your girlfriends on the big day. Invite mom over when you are ready to dress, or share a special "first look" (before you see your sweetheart) - with just mom. If this appeals to you, you are NOT alone - many brides are opting for this choice!

Just do it with love. xoxo

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