Congratulations to NHL star Matt Carle & his lovely Bride Clancey Kabella

Famed NHL star Matt Carle married long time girlfriend, "Clancey Kabella" on July 16. SCB's Hair & Makeup Artist Kira McCarty was there to assist the Bride, and Bridesmaids. SCB's Amber Brenke was also there helping with the wedding party's beauty needs.

Kira: Clancey was amazing! She was easy going, beautiful, and a delight to be around. She gave me the best testimonial: After her hair & makeup "trial run," she went wake boarding - after taking some "face plants" and being on/in the lake all afternoon, her makeup still looked perfect!!

Best wishes to the happy couple, it was an honor & pleasure being part of your wedding!

* Kira had toned, & applied primer to Clancey's skin, then airbrushed her foundation, and used SCB's long wear lip color/gloss, waterproof liner/mascara, and MAC eyeshadow.

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