Staycation Wedding

This Winter is in the record books. Blizzards, snow, wind and rain, it has been a challenge for many to travel in - even if it's from the church to the reception hall. After assisting in a few weddings where couples spent their honey-moons in airports, and elderly guests cancelled their reservation due to driving conditions, I think it's fair to say that there has got to be a better way!

As a Smart & Chic Artist, I have the pleasure of seeing many, MANY wedding venues. If it's in the Twin Cities, or Honolulu, I can probably tell you about it, this is why I want to bring up the " staycation . " Many couples choose this awesome idea for their vows. It will save money, as well as time and hassle!

Here's how it goes: Search for a "full service wedding hotel " in your town. Being full service, these hotels will have an experienced Wedding Planner on staff to assist you with the rest! Once you and your guests arrive, you can enjoy yourselves til you leave. This is a one - stop - shop - Under one big roof, you will have your wedding, reception, and honeymoon. The best part is that there is no fee for extra baggage, and no worry of cancelled flights! Once you're check in, the weather could howl like a Banchee outside, while your wedding goes start to finish without a hitch!

* Bonus: If you forget something at home, it is within reach and probably fast to get to! For added fun, choose a hotel with an indoor water park! *

Here are some fun websites to get you inspired:

Enjoy! XoXo,

Kira McCarty
Your S&C Artist

photos courtesy of:
snow hotel: blisstree.com
rained out bride: wpja.com
couple in snow: brendasweddingblog.com
water park : logiwaysnew.cre.lt

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