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I am a beach baby. The salt air, blue water, and warmth makes my heart sing. Originally from Hawaii, there was a time when snow and Winter sounded amazing and exotic to me! After spending much of my adult life on the "Mainland," I fell in love with a Minnesota man, and had seen my share of brutal winters. When we started planning our own wedding, it was easy - Destination: Hawaii. I wanted an intimate affair, on the beach, with a lovely luncheon at theWaioli Tea Room in Manoa Valley, and warmth - I wanted to be warm - Done & done!

The Destination Wedding has become a "one stop shop." A few clicks on the keyboard, and you can have a wedding planned, and ready to go in less than a few hours! Once you arrive, you unpack and enjoy - right through your honeymoon. I recently interviewed Bride-to-be "Sharon," who has chosen S&C to help with beauty services at her destination wedding. Sharon and her Fiance LOVE Hawaii, and with a brother living on the island of Oahu, they visit often and know their way around. Sharon had great in-site for other couples thinking of having a destination wedding.

Sharon wants an intimate " toes in the sand " wedding, away from the hustle & bustle of Waikiki. She has chosen beautiful Waimanalo Beach - white sand, small islands off shore, clear water -it's perfect! With 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen on board, they sent out 91 invitations - They are expecting 40 will be able to make the trip. To accommodate the loved ones who can't make it, Sharon and her Groom are having a large reception upon their homecoming.

S&C: What has been the biggest obstacle while planning your trip?

Sharon: It hasn't been that bad to plan. So much is on the internet these days and I've been doing most of my correspondence with vendors over email. Plus, we have my brother and other friends there so they've been a huge help. Although, the biggest obstacle has been not being able to see things in-person (the reception venue mostly) and meet with the vendors face-to-face.

S&C: What advice can you give other couples planning a destination wedding?

Sharon: Get your groom and bridesmaids involved as much as possible. Of course the bride will have to make the ultimate decisions, but she can rely on others to do the research. Use a checklist such as on theknot.com to keep yourself on schedule.

To find out more about S&C beauty services for your destination wedding, contact us through :smartandchicbride.com

Aloha & Enjoy! XoXo,

Kira Mccarty
Your S&C Artist

pictures courtesy of:
bride: angelsbay.org
sunset couple:maui.net
kissing couple:weddingcometrue.com

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