Hooray for the Non-Traditional Dress!

photo by Poser Design

Finding the perfect dress can be a difficult feat. Perhaps it's because there are so many rules! The modern Bride is waving her nose at the traditional dress and saying hello to what makes her feel ( & look ) her best!

Although this does seem like a rebellious act, it is actually more traditional than we may think! Many woman can attest to their Grandmothers wearing their Sunday Best to their own wedding and looking fabulous! S&B Founder, Julie Swenson said her own Grandmother wed in a turquoise suit!

S&C Artist Julie Swenson says, " I don't think it's a financial issue for brides that wear non-traditional dresses, but instead today's brides are more fearless and offbeat."

Be fearless ladies and show us your best!

photo courtesy of: http://www.poserdesign.net
hair & makeup by Julie Swenson

Enjoy! XoXo,

Kira McCarty
Your S&B Artist

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