The Vintage Wedding

A favorite "feel" for a wedding is Vintage! Timeless, romantic, elegant - You can't go wrong, or be bored & played out when working with this gorgeous look!

Short or Long Hair works - think of SOFT finger waves and curls!

Go with bold red lips, or a nude shade with drama on the eyes - use a gel liner to create a cat eye!

Find fun, unique, over the top accessories!!! Follow these helpful links, to find amazing hair fascinators!

Very cute and VERY CHEAP too:
*careful, you may be on these sites for hours - VERY ADDICTIVE!

This one has amazing feather and flower hair pieces for under $10!http://www.mydivascloset.com/

This (famous favorite) site has unique, mostly hand made & custom ordered pieces - check out S&C's dee Dredge on Etsy for custom jewelry % hair adornment!

** Don't forget to check out your local Target and Claire's too!

Kira McCarty

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