Better Late than Never

Alright Kats & Kitties, I know that this may seem like old news... but in this fast paced, technology based world, I need to say : whoa, whoa, whoa! Hello Mother of the Bride, your dress rocks!

For those of you who have been way to busy planning your own nuptials to notice Chelsea Clinton's Wedding pics ( 7/31/2010 ) We need to take a moment to exhale. Not only did Chelsea exceed expectations, but so did Dear Mrs. Pant Suit Extraordinaire! I couldn't believe my eyes - the color, the texture - the shape - thank goodness!!!

I never thought I would say this, (inhale) but Mothers of the Betrothed need to channel Hillary while shopping for the big day. (Exhale) What a modern twist on the famously typical: long, beaded (black/tan/navy) dress with jacket look! Hooray, two Woot-woots for Hillary!

Kira McCarty
Your Smart and Chic Stylist

See more pics on the Washington Post's site:

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