S&C Makeup Must Haves

Our Artists pick the finest professional products to use on our bridal clients. We are so committed to the belief that your makeup should last the day through and look incredible in photographs, that Smart & Chic Founder, Julie Swenson, went to great lengths to formulate our own makeup and skin care line!

“This is a cosmetics line that works for all types of women who are on on the go. A woman’s wedding day is full of joy, and sometimes stresses, her makeup needs to be able to stand up to this. All women can benefit from the Smart and Chic line,” says Julie.

The line includes everything from shadows, blushes, and lip colors to primers, powders, and blotting sheets.

An absolute MUST for makeup to stay all day ( & night ) is a primer. I use primers on every makeup client, and what a difference it makes. Remember a few blog posts back, I wrote about a Bride who said her makeup stayed on all day, even after wake boarding?! My secret was using makeup primers! [Read previous post here. ]

Our online store features these amazing products - and if you don't know where to start, we have kits put together to go from start to finish! Our few of our newest include:

KIT #1 ~ Prime and Prep Kit
Before Makeup Essentials

Face Primer – weightless, oil free primer that minimizes fine lines and refines the surface of the skin. Combats rough patches and excess oil too.
Lid Primer – Lightweight, smoothing primer that prepares lids for shadow, making color stay vibrant and last all day.
Lip Primer – Nourishes, smooths, and refines lips, preventing feathering and fading.

KIT #2 ~ Finish and Seal Kit
After Makeup Essentials

Makeup Setting Spray – Refreshes and hydrates the skin while setting the makeup. Prevents melting, caking, and cracking, while quickly refreshes the skin.
Colorless Setting and Blotting Powder – Color-free pressed powder sets makeup and absorbs excess oil. Will not cake, dry out, or alter foundation shade.
Double Sided Blotting Papers – Thin, absorbent sheets that eliminate oil and sweat quickly.

To shop online, visit:

Or send an email to ask a stylist what is the best fit for you!

Kira McCarty
A Hit With Makeup Artists


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